You are allowed to operate a router with O2 Free Unlimited

O2 Free Unlimited – actually a really cool thing. While Telekom would like to have eighty-five euros a month from you so that you can call a real unlimited tariff your own, Telefónica’s offer starts at a mere 30 euros.

Unlimited data volume? Then you wouldn’t really need a real internet connection at home anymore (I deduct 40 euros from Vodafone for “Gigabit” and I get annoyed about it every day). But that was not at all in the interests of the operator and prohibited use in anything other than a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Expressly forbidden: LTE router.

O2 Free Unlimited: Unlimited tariff now also available without a term

EU rule: violation of the freedom of end devices

The Federal Association of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) has sued and a decision has now been made before the Munich Regional Court. Accordingly, with such a clause, Telefónica violates the so-called freedom of end devices, which applies throughout the European Union.

Users can decide for themselves what kind of device they want to use their Internet access on. And that is not new, companies just like to ignore existing law as long as nobody brings them anything.

Operators do what they want

Understandably, consumer advocates are quite upset. Telefónica has appealed. It is also not the only proceeding against a carrier, as vzbv sued Telekom, Vodafone and mobilcom-debitel. Susanne Blohm from vzbv comments:

From the consumer’s point of view, it is annoying that since the TSM regulation came into force, providers have been trying to interpret them as they see fit, be it on the subject of net neutrality, roaming or, as in this case, freedom from end devices. The fact that consumers can freely decide which device they want to use for booked services should actually be a matter of course almost six years after the regulation came into force.

O2 Free Unlimited: Unlimited surfing from 30 euros

O2 Free Unlimited is available in three different packages, which, of course, are not structured in terms of data volume, but rather in terms of speed. Tests have found out how much bandwidth who needs what use.

  • O2 Free Unlimited Basic: only 4G and 2 Mbit / s for 29.99 euros / month
  • O2 Free Unlimited Smart: 4G / 5G and 10 Mbit / s for 39.99 euros / month
  • O2 Free Unlimited Max: 4G / 5G and 300 MBit / s for 49.99 euros / month

O2 Free Unlimited Basic and Smart: Are 2 and 10 Mbit / s enough in everyday life?

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