Xiaomi wins against the USA, but Huawei still has no chance

Xiaomi can now continue to collect money from American investors, while Huawei is still on the blacklist.

Xiaomi: In its last few days, Donald Trump’s administration was able to carry out another blow against a Chinese company. Even if the investment ban is far less severe than the sanctions against Huawei that have been in force since 2019, Xiaomi was not happy about this incident. Xiaomi has now even won an initial trial against the responsible authorities in an American federal court.

There is initially no investment ban against Xiaomi because the move against the Chinese company was “arbitrary and capricious”. The competent federal judge wants to avoid “irreparable damage” and, with his decision, protects the company and its procedural rights. A connection to the military, as Xiaomi is accused of, has not yet been proven. The court is skeptical about a threat to national security.

Huawei and Xiaomi treated unevenly?

All of this reminds us hard of the Huawei case, which has remained unchanged to this day. Huawei is practically no longer allowed to work with US companies and US technology, which almost completely paralyzes the manufacturer of network technology, smartphones and other consumer electronics. It has long since lost market leadership in its home country, and the competition has overtaken the global smartphone markets. Above all Xiaomi.

The only question that arises is whether Huawei can expect a fair trial sooner or later in the post-Trump era. The new US administration wants to take a closer look at this topic, but so far there is not even a new collaboration with Google in prospect. Let alone a return to American cellular networks. That seems increasingly unfair if it hasn’t been for two years anyway.

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