Xiaomi is already suffering, and Samsung could also run out of smartphones

Samsung could discontinue a series of devices, as rumors have suspected for a long time. But the reason is initially a different one, which affects other manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy Note: The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer to date could have major delivery problems. Even popular Android smartphones will probably have to sit out for at least a generation. The fact that Samsung might want to discontinue its Note series entirely has nothing to do with this, but the bottom line is that the effect is very similar. This year, in an emergency, there should be no new models in the Galaxy Note series, reports Bloomberg.

We wrote a few days ago that the availability of chips and processors was becoming a problem for this industry. There are too few components. The demand is too great and the production is not even scalable. For the really big brands of this world, this means noticeable restrictions because the quantities required are too high. Samsung is therefore considering drastic measures, reveals a high-ranking employee.

“The supply and demand for chips in the IT sector are extremely unbalanced around the world.”

Samsung would of course not like to sacrifice its absolute bestsellers, so they prefer to purchase chips for the Galaxy A and S device series, so that the Galaxy Note series may fall by the wayside. Rumors about the end of these devices had been around for a long time anyway. On the one hand, there are hardly any technical differences to other flagship models. Samsung has also long provided special functions such as the S-Pen for other devices.

Corona does not directly cause production failures. Instead, there is a run on electronics by consumers, and there are also panic purchases from many companies, which are causing demand to rise significantly. Chip manufacturers like Qualcomm are not following because problems arise in their supply chains.

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