Xiaomi 5G Days: New promotion in the Mi Store

In the latest 5G promotion, Xiaomi is still primarily offering many cheap Redmi smartphones at once again reduced prices.

Xiaomi: The last spring round is now followed by another offer in Xiaomi’s Mi Store, which this time is planned for the rest of March. During this time there are permanent smartphone offers, but also various time-limited daily offers. We have created a small overview for you of the prices the Mi Store can offer during this time. As always, the following applies: The additional 10 euro voucher code only works in the app MISTORE.

More than two weeks: Xiaomi 5G Days until March 31

However, a particularly large number of 5G smartphones are not reduced in price, even if the promotion suggests otherwise due to their name. Xiaomi has primarily lowered the prices of many Redmi smartphones again, of which only the new Redmi Note 9T has the 5G wireless standard on board. Maybe you will find what you are looking for. A couple of really decent daily offers are included again.

  • March 15: Redmi Note 9T 4/64 GB for 179.90 euros
  • March 17: Redmi 9 3/32 GB for 99.90 euros
  • March 19: Redmi Note 9 3/64 GB for 129.90 euros
  • March 22: Redmi Note 9T 4/128 GB for 219.90 euros
  • March 24th: Redmi Note 9 4/128 GB for 149.90 euros
  • March 26th: Redmi 9C 3/64 GB for 89.90 euros
  • March 29: Redmi Note 8 Pro 6/128 GB for 159.90 euros

There is also the Mi 10T Pro with 8/256 GB and Mi Watch Lite for 599.90 euros. Despite the free smartwatch, this is only a very decent price, unfortunately not a real low-price deal. Various accessories such as wireless headphones and power bank devices are also a few euros cheaper than usual. The shipping costs are waived for a goods value of 69 euros or more.

Note: Prices and products offered may change shortly before or during the promotion. We have no influence on that. We only consider German shops and recommend that you take a look at a price comparison before buying. More deals here. If you have a tip for us, join our Telegram group!

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