With the new Pixel 5a, Google is planning a bestselling smartphone

Google Pixel 5a: Not only did a lot go wrong with Google in the past year. Many smartphone manufacturers had their problems with presentations, production and availability due to the Corona crisis. But you had the feeling that Google was particularly hard hit, while all other manufacturers quickly got the issue under control. This year everything should be different.

Review: The first real leak from the Pixel 4a already occurred at Christmas 2019, the planned presentation of the smartphone was then postponed from May to August and the Pixel 4a was only available nationwide in September / October. A lot went wrong there. For various markets, Google had also planned too low quantities and therefore offered below-average availability.

The unstable availability is a particular problem if the product actually arouses desires and is well received by people. Perhaps the sales figures could have been much higher, even if Google is basically silent on this. The latest report from India, however, indirectly reveals that Google massively underestimated the interest in the Pixel 4a in some markets and should actually have delivered more devices.

Google Pixel 4a: Aggressive pricing strategy led to success

Google wants to sell its Pixel 5a in large numbers and therefore increase stocks for certain markets. In any case, that sounds like a planned success that the Pixel 5a should achieve in the summer.

“Google doubled its inventory of Pixel for India last year. This year the focus is to be increased further and the share of global inventory for the Indian market increased. “

Pricing is a learning curve and last year’s aggressive strategy produced good results, a Google executive told Economic Times. Between the lines you can see that as confirmation that Google also wants to offer the new Pixel 5a fairly cheaply.

There is still the exciting question of 5G, because Google decided not to do so in India because of the high costs. It is quite possible that the Pixel 5a will also come without 5G in order to offer a low price worldwide. According to rumors so far, Google could introduce the Pixel 5a in June.

The next Google phone is the Pixel 5a and why it might disappoint us

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