Waze would be better off without Google (Maps)

In addition to Maps, Google has another navigation app in its portfolio with Waze, but the former takeover is now heavily criticized.

Not every bulk purchase by tech companies is accepted with joy. After a few years, for example, the WhatsApp founders dropped out completely because they had a problem with the Facebook strategy. And former Waze managers also comment negatively that the entire company behind the navigation app was swallowed up by Google over seven years ago.

Google stifled the growth of Waze, says Noam Bardin on his blog. One of the reasons for this is the focus on Google Maps, which in turn gave Waze little chance. That is why Waze is very weakly positioned in many countries and has not been able to generate enough users. Waze would be too limited under Google, while the parent company simply copied popular functions for Google Maps.

Waze: Google’s second navigation app has new functions and is catching up with Google Maps

“We could probably have grown faster and more efficiently if we had remained independent.”

In fact, such acquisitions are definitely more strictly controlled today; in the past, the competition authorities were not as active. In retrospect, the question arises whether the Waze deal would have been possible under today’s conditions. Google does not share the criticism that despite Google Maps they have invested heavily in Waze.

Personally, I’m actually surprised that Waze still exists alongside Google Maps.

Waze has not been in good standing for a long time, the report said. On the one hand there were the usual start-up challenges, on the other hand the restrictions imposed by the new owner. In any case, the former Waze manager hardly leaves a good hair on the Google deal and we can understand his criticism.

With its crowdsourcing concept, Waze was able to revolutionize the world of mobile navigation apps early on. Today we see many parts of it on Google Maps. To calculate traffic, rush hour and similar factors.

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