Vodafone fires CallYa Digital (10 GB) with 60 euros credit!

It couldn’t be cheaper: The “digital” tariff from Vodafone CallYa is currently available as a special offer for beginners with extra credit!

Vodafone: If you want a new tariff for your own smartphone and want to get started as cheaply as possible, you can currently secure the Vodafone CallYa Digital with a whopping 60 euros credit. The campaign has just started and is available for several weeks. The included starting credit is sufficient to use the attractive smartphone tariff for twelve weeks (almost 3 months) free of charge.

LTE at maximum speed and plenty of data volume

CallYa Digital is quite simple and offers a few attractive cornerstones. This includes, for example, an included data volume of 10 GB, which you can bomb with LTE Max. (Up to 500 Mbit / s) over the Vodafone network. The price of around 20 euros is due every four weeks because this is a prepaid tariff. Therefore, monthly termination is possible, which means full flexibility.

The offer is expected to be available until April 15th. When ordering you give the voucher code BONUS60 in order to be able to secure the mentioned additional credit. Vodafone is currently the second best network in the republic.

  • 10 GB LTE data
  • Allnet flat rate for SMS / telephony
  • Vodafone network, LTE Max.
  • 5G option available
  • EU-Roaming
  • 20 euros per 4 weeks, auto. Direct debit

This way to the action

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