User data: How money should be made with Google Pay in the future

Give me your transaction history and I’ll give you suitable offers. Google Pay is going to be serious soon, but of course everything is voluntary.

Google Pay: So far, Google’s online payment service has been more or less a voluntary story, with which the company probably doesn’t make any money. For us users, the mobile app is particularly useful to be able to use our credit card in virtual form as a means of payment in the real world. Contactless payment is booming. However, Google Pay should not only be a cost factor for Google in the long term. A first test run for monetization will start soon.

And because the Indian market is important to Google, there will soon be “Make Google Pay better for you”. To cut it short: Google Pay can optionally evaluate our transaction history in the future in order to provide us with suitable offers at any time. With this data analysis, Google seems to want to monetize its service in the future. These innovations have been switched off by default. They can be activated or deactivated by the user at any time.

Google Pay is supposed to get better through personalization … and make money

“If you activate“ Personalization in Google Pay ”, you get a more personalized experience in Google Pay. For example, you will receive more relevant offers and rewards based on your activity on Google Pay, including your transaction history. ”- Google / Techcrunch

Google wants to make the function attractive to us, the users, because it gives us tailor-made offers and other benefits. This is basically the equivalent for the user who voluntarily reveals more about their shopping and consumption behavior. Only offering this personalization as a voluntary option is something Google cannot avoid. Especially not when starting in Europe. However, no details are known yet. We still owe the new Google Pay anyway.

Would you share your transaction history from Google Pay or similar services for such purposes?

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