So we don’t end up in the Stone Age again: Crazy EU idea to open a chat app from the table for the time being

WhatsApp, Telegram and Co .: In Europe and Germany we are currently regulating ourselves pretty badly, one strange idea follows the next. Unfortunately, always without being innovative at the same time. One would rather steer what one has missed oneself. One of the really crazy ideas is the demand to force well-known and popular chat apps like the candidates mentioned at the beginning to the so-called interoperability.

“System-relevant operators” are to be forced to work together. In such a scenario, for example, you could write to Telegram users who are friends from WhatsApp. Or from Telegram to Signal. A really dreamy idea, which from today’s perspective would actually not be feasible, simply because of the different encryption methods used. The functionality of the apps is also often fundamentally different today.

The demand mentioned comes from the SPD, for example. But nobody there has thought seriously about what it should look like. Other political forces, on the other hand, are aware that such interoperability can lead to far-reaching consequences and that in the end we end up again with chat apps at SMS level. A corresponding law would nip innovations in the bud and possibly force previous providers out of the EU market.

The requirement:

“It must be possible to communicate or switch between different messenger services, social networks and digital platforms. We will prescribe this interoperability by law. “

Vice President of the EU Commission would like to take a different path

Margrethe Vestager, who is Vice President of the EU Commission, sees other ways as more sensible. It does not want to force cooperation between different providers, but rather to give the user more freedom. In principle, this is a completely different path, which from my point of view seems much more feasible. Whereby one can only mean Apple by providing “several app stores”.

“That is what is demanded in the EU Parliament, but we have not yet joined it. Because it could also stifle innovations. Think of the SMS: it has been around for a long time, and it has hardly developed any further. The new functions of the messenger, for example that you can create groups, do not exist with the SMS. If we now stipulate that all messengers must be compatible, this could lead to us getting some kind of SMS back. Our approaches are therefore somewhat broader. We want to stipulate that several app stores can be installed on one mobile phone. But we don’t go so far that these stores have to be compatible with each other. ”- Handelsblatt / Golem

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