Offer: Google makes Stadia package 40 euros cheaper again

Google’s exclusive Stadia package is cheaper again, but only for a short period and only in the Google Store.

Stadia: After the recently rather bad press about the streaming service for games has slowly evaporated, Google is starting to want to attract new customers with a new offer. The Premiere Edition, which is still on offer, has now been drastically reduced in price, which has currently fallen from EUR 99.99 to only around EUR 59.99. There is a thick entry-level package that is actually worth more.

This includes the Chromecast Ultra with UHD, which so far is the only Chromecast that can be officially used for Stadia. In addition, Google includes its own controller, which connects directly to the Stadia servers via WiFi for the lowest possible delay. And last but not least, the premium subscription for Stadia is included, which you can use for free for the first three months.

The Stadia Premiere Edition

For only around 60 euros, you can get a package that contains roughly the following individual values:

  • Controller with WiFi: 60 euros
  • Stadia Premium 3 months: 30 euros
  • Chromecast Ultra: 78 Euro

It should not be forgotten that Stadia Premium includes a few games for free and new ones are always being added. Otherwise you can choose from a now quite decent pool of games, which are usually around the prices of the free market.

Google offers the package exclusively through its own store. The deal price is available there until March 23rd.

This way to the offer

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