LG: Smartphones are on the brink of extinction

Reports from Asia: LG wants to sell or close its departments for smartphones, but no longer continues itself.

A few months ago the rumor arose that LG was pursuing a plan to close its internal smartphone division. It is about LG Mobile Communications, so only part of the entire group. LG has been selling its own Android smartphones for a long time with manageable success and the strategy of the more recent past seemed extremely inconclusive. Is the end near now?

In any case, negotiations about a sale should have failed, one reads again in the Korean media. There were even talks with Volkswagen. Certainly not because of a Golf smartphone, but because of the high proportion of cell phone technology in modern cars. After the LG smartphone with roll display was recently certified, the market launch is allegedly off the table again.

When LG still had its own ideas, there was the volume rocker and power button on the back:

LG: So far, no buyer seems to have been found

At the moment there is hardly any news about new smartphones from LG and the models from last year were quickly forgotten. Actually, LG’s last decline began when the company threw all of its own ideas overboard and manufactured mass-produced goods like the competition. Now all future models are internally stopped, we probably no longer need to expect new smartphones from LG.

If the division is not sold, it should simply be closed.

via Bloomberg, Donga

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