How you can get your controller and Chromecast Ultra back for free now

Google regularly gives away its Stadia package in various promotions, this time in connection with a new game premiere in the spring.

Google wants to make it easier for fans of Resident Evil to get started in Stadia, so there is a new pre-order campaign. The game is due to appear on Google Stadia on May 7th and will cost around 70 euros there. So full price. For pre-orderers and “fans”, however, there is now a special treat, because if you buy the game online by May 21, 2021, the Stadia Premiere Edition is included free of charge.

If you treat yourself to the new Resident Evil Village, you will get the full Stadia package for free

The special edition, which is still available, is a complete package for Stadia beginners. There is also a WiFi controller, a Chromecast Ultra and 3 months Stadia Pro. The package usually has a price of just under 100 euros, unless the package is reduced to 60 euros, as just now. With this combination you get Stadia on your TV, whereby the controller can of course also be used with all other platforms.

If you purchase Resident Evil Village by May 21, 2021, you will receive the Stadia Premiere Edition from us (free standard shipping). After the game is released, you will receive an email with which you can secure it.

Google limits the action to the “supply”, but there is no information about it.

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