Horror for Germans is getting closer and closer

First, Amazon tested its first Amazon Go stores in the USA, and now these modern supermarkets are also coming to Europe.

For the German citizens and data protectionists, this should be an absolute horror, this massive technical progress for such everyday things. There had to be a long-lasting pandemic for businesses to think about card payments and the government to think about digitizing the authorities for the first time.

The whole system is so ingenious that I personally would only buy a decent range from Amazon Go. In these shops, camera systems and smart shelves with integrated scales are used to completely automatically record which goods you buy. The automatic billing is also based on this. Completely without a stationary cash register system!

Supermarkets of the future: Amazon is abolishing the checkout and thus also the queue

Amazon Go will soon start with a first store in London, with more to follow later. There are already around 30 of these stores in the USA and the system used for this can even be licensed by other companies. In Germany we will have to wait a while for Amazon Go, meanwhile we are still overwhelmed by “Click & Collect” or self-scan systems.

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