First cheap, then good: Xiaomi introduces quality promises

Xiaomi not only wants to convince with low prices, quality and service should also speak for the devices of the best-selling manufacturer

Xiaomi is currently showing impressively how to roll up a market from behind. In the last quarter still 140% growth, now with more innovations for existing customers. First the cheap offensive, then the quality offensive. Xiaomi announces in cooperation with Ingram Micro “the quality and service promise” for the German market. One would like to “extend the actual useful life of smartphones”.

On the one hand, Xiaomi promises a particularly high quality of its own devices from all price ranges in order to outlast at least the classic usage time of two years. But even in retrospect, Xiaomi smartphones should not simply be replaced. Instead, Xiaomi also wants to make repairs worthwhile for customers. Even with cheap models, the repair should be a good option, says the manufacturer.

First grow quickly, then deliver for a long time

In the rest of the press release, of course, we find a lot of adulation. From Xiaomi for his partner and from Ingram Micro for the great devices from the Chinese manufacturer. Apart from that, we naturally hope for really good experiences from real customers. At least Xiaomi seems to be making an effort in this regard, as we can see from the message. For customers there is an overview of the topics repair and support behind this link.

Overview of quality control at Xiaomi

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Otherwise, it should also be interesting about Xiaomi how many devices actually come directly from the manufacturer and which only have the famous branding.

Purchased instead of self-built: That’s how many “third-party smartphones” are sold by Xiaomi and other Android OEMs

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