Don’t you really want to buy handy smartphones?

It shouldn’t be handy and compact for a long time, smartphones flood with huge displays and determine the global market.

Apple: We had actually expected a recurring trend, but even the iPhone won’t do anything this time. In my opinion, the current iPhone 12 Mini could have triggered a trend for very handy smartphones, but currently the almost only mini smartphone in the entire industry seems to be a slow seller. At least in comparison with other models. In any case, Apple overestimated the demand and now had to massively shut down production in Asia.

Contrary to what was planned a few months ago, the production of all iPhones should be 20% lower in the first half of the year. According to NikkeiAsia, however, the driver for this decline is the mini model, whose production in the first half of the year is even 70% below previous plans. Of course, that doesn’t give much hope that Android brands will launch their own mini models. So far, no one has any plans.

Handy smartphones don’t seem cool enough anymore

The iPhone 12 Mini alongside current Android smartphones such as the Google Pixel 5 (6 ″):

The recently leaked new compact smartphone from Sony is probably only intended for Japan again. Otherwise, there is no known smartphone with a display that is well below 6 “. The lack of success of the Apple iPhone 12 Mini shows that there is probably no longer a market for relatively small smartphones that is still big enough for the well-known smartphone manufacturers. Only around 6% of the last iPhones sold can be attributed to the mini model.

My perfect size is currently around 6 “, because I can still operate such devices with one hand. However, I also know users who prefer even more manageable devices. Former buyers of Sony’s Compact range should still shed tears when they stand in front of a smartphone shelf and look at the range.

At least there should still be a spark of hope for Android users, because ASUS is planning a ZenFone 8 Mini with high-end hardware.

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