By phone number or last name: Tinder gets background checks

In my experience, Tinder is a dating platform where you can at least assume that the first name of the match is the truth. Additional security is provided by the not-so-old verification option, with which the service belonging to the Match Group would like to increase security.

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Tinder: Even more security after the blue tick

Now a recent acquisition of the group shows that this is far from the end. The Match Group has invested an unknown amount in the nonprofit organization Garbo, with whose help you can carry out background checks of your matches based on the surname or the mobile phone number.

If you’ve never heard of Garbo, it’s no wonder that this investment has only limited effects on the dating market in the US. Nevertheless, it is exciting to see what measures Tinder and Co. are taking to offer their customers the safest possible dating experience.

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No information about drug possession or traffic offenses – just gender-based violence

Garbo collects “public records and reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, injunctions, harassment and other violent crimes,” which are then available to the querying user.

There is explicitly no information on records of drug possession, as it has been proven that on the one hand it is often racist, on the other hand it is not necessarily an indication of “gender-specific violence”. There is also no information about previous traffic offenses.

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Background checks are chargeable, price question open

The background checks are of course not free of charge, but should be reasonably priced in order to offer everyone access to them. They are currently still working on the exact design. It remains to be seen whether the service will become part of the existing Tinder Plus and Gold offering or whether it will be entirely separate. The function is to be implemented in the next few months.

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